We all hear the stories of great ideas coming to fruition from humble beginnings and mostly these ideas
are sketched out on napkins when pitching to a potential investor, and it is only then the founder
realizes that they should have had a accountant for startup business. And it is not just for
that particular moment, they should have had one when they conceived the idea and wanted
to act on it because a accountant or a financial adviser can pave the way for the business leader
which should be acted upon before the company takes off.


However, there are many who’s idea and its potential doesn’t see the light of day because they prefer
not to hire an accountant for their startup business and fall short later.If you are someone who has a
great plan to become the next big thing, it is advised to consider hiring an accountant for your startup
business now before you stumble and fall later.


This is how startup accountant hired at the right time can help you in your business and help you run it
smoothly and efficiently.


Help You Avoid Pitfalls


Do you know when should you consult with an accountant? What is the right time? You should consult
an accountant as soon as you are ready to be a real business, a real company because once you actively
start doing things like taking in your first investment, sell your first product or service, hire an employee,
sign a lease, you will need accounting expertise to go around it. Without the help of an accountant, you
will have no chance to survive and a good accountant can keep you on top of your finances.


What will you get with a business accountant on your side?


Small Business accountants are more than making financial statements and preparing tax returns, and they
can give you advise on other things that may keep your business in good healthy condition like advising
on you which software to use or which financial professionals to hire at what positions to keep things
afloat at the accounting side of things of your business.


Key positions that you should be looking to hire as quickly as possible is a bookkeeper, financial
consultant and a chief financial officer. It would be difficult to hire a full-blown financial team until
proper funding; however, startups can hire financial services of part-time accountants.


Startup Accountants has solutions to take your business to the next level


Whether you are forming an idea and sketching on a napkin phase or have already started your
operations, having an accountant for startup business can save you a lot of time and money in the long